Ever thought law and legal stuff could be mixed with lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, sports, and more? I did!

Hi! I’m Melissa Bernier, an attorney serving New York City. Brooklyn Legal is a blog committed to showing that side of the law that interferes directly with our lifestyles. That means less legal jargon and more information you can actually relate to.

This blog was started as the result of an inspiration that stimulated me to show the more human face of law. I realized, I may be a lawyer but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to my life – so why do people associate law with a dull, inflexible, and professional concept when it is integrated in everything we do and love?

Law and legal matters surround us. From our lifestyles (way of living, daily lives, etc.) to fashion, sports, business, entertainment and everything that we’re familiar with is based on some legal standing and often times is tangled up in legal concerns as well. Brooklyn Legal is a centralized source that brings to you the latest updates and insights on these elements, so you can be more informed, learn something new, and perhaps understand law better.

As a lawyer, I’m definitely passionate about working this blog. I appreciate all my readers and encourage you to get around the blog, finding insight on the topics you love most. Whether you’re addicted to entertainment and celebrity buzz, are an entrepreneur, or a sports’ fanatic – there’s something to interest you here.

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